Complete production cycle

A production cycle of over 800 million pcs per year testifies to the company volumes, managing the packs from pre-press to the finished product, becoming the strategic printing partner for industries with large numbers.



Precision plotter and softwares are used to produce small samples lots and certified digital printing.
CTP plate preparation :perfect quality of details and registration , shortest plate repair times.



Printing machines for medium and large sizes. 6, 7 and 8 colours machines with inline Hydro-coating.


Die -cutting machines ,medium and large sizes with double extraction station for clusters and medium and large production. Easy Opening.


Folding gluing machines for cases in line, high speed standard boxes and special applications. 

Hot print

Hot foil stamping press. Rilief embossing and hologram application and operated stereotype.

Special effects

Pearly, blister, soft touch and opaque varnishes.

Serrated blade application

Machine for in line application of serrated blade in PVC for cling-film or aluminium foil or greaseproof paper packs.

Window patching PPL/PET

PPL/PET window patching machines for small and medium dimensions cases. Susceptor film application.

Business partners